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Börkur Jónsson

Problems with a Canon printer in Leopard

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I'm having some trouble getting my Canon Laser Shot LBP-1120 to work with Leopard. To start with the driver for this printer has only been available on a the japaneese canon site.

However once u figure out where to click to download the installation is pretty straight forward even though you dont understand the language. Now when Leopard first came out I tried getting those drivers again and installed them, however they didn't work so I waited around for the new Leopard update and came across it today, the download can be reached HERE and the original download page is HERE


So then I downloaded the new drivers and installed and the printer still doesnt work. I think I know why though since after poking around I think that the OS is still using the old drivers so therefore I come for your help with either:


1. remove the old drivers or..

2. Tell Leopard to use the new and improved for leopard driver.


Can someone point me in the right direction regarding this ?

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The only thing I could find regarding drivers mentioned that you may find them installed here /System/Library/Extensions/. Be careful what you remove though and if possible do a full backup using carbon copy cloner before screwing around in here. Delete the wrong thing and the system may not boot.

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