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I don't recall which version of iTunes it was that suddenly changed the default 'Show Main Window' shortcut key from Command + 1 to Command + Option + 1, but with these new slimmer aluminium MacBook style keyboards, holding down two keys which are adjacent to each other, with the thumb, isn't easy.


Here's a way to change key shortcuts for any application.


  • Open System Preferences and the Keyboard and Mouse pane.
  • Click the Keyboard Shortcuts Tab
  • Scroll down to application shortcuts and click the + button to the bottom left
  • From the drop-down menu choose the application you want to modify
  • In the 'Menu Title' box type the exact name of the menu item you want to add a shortcut key to, in this example I want to restore the default key for displaying the main iTunes window to Command + 1, so I type 'iTunes', but you might just as easily choose Finder as the application and add a shortcut key for Secure Empty Trash, for example
  • In the next box choose the keyboard shortcut keys you want to use
  • Click OK and restart the application you've just modified




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