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Questions about new Apple TV

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2 questions --


One, the Apple site claims that you need at least a G4 Mac to be able to use the Apple TV:


A Macintosh computer

- Mac OS X system software version 10.3.9, or 10.4.8 or later

- 1 Ghz Power PC G4 or G5, or an Intel processor

- QuickTime 7.1.5 or later

- 256 MB of RAM

- 16 MB of Video RAM


I'm confused as to why this would be a requirement if Steve made a point to say that you don't need a computer at all to use it. Or is this simply a spec for what you would need to connect your Apple TV to iTunes?? If that's the case, I should mention that I have a G3 but am running the latest version of iTunes just fine.


My second question has to do with how the Apple TV plays with all the other TV add-ons I already have (Playstation, Tivo, etc). I haven't actually used an Apple TV yet, but hope to buy one soon. The thing that I can't quite wrap my head around though, is that if I have the Apple TV hooked to an HDMI port and the other stuff (through an AV Receiver) hooked to the Composite ports, how does the TV know which device is "in charge"? Does the Apple TV have an "off" button? Or standby mode or something? I'm probably missing a key ingredient here - I'm due to buy a new widescreen HD TV soon too (to go with my Apple TV!) so they may work differently than my current "normal" tv.


(Which actually brings me to a bonus question -- does anyone know if the Element brand widescreen tvs are any good? They seem to get good reviews on Circuit City's website, but I've never heard of that brand, so I'm a little hesitant to buy what seems to be a random off-brand. Is this a decent product? Hopefully someone has some experience with this area, or would know what brand I should be looking at. I don't want to spend more than $300 - I'm not looking for the theatre experience here - just a modest-sized widescreen tv for my room -- 17" or 19" preferably.)

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those sound like the specs for iTunes to play video. go to the iTunes site and click download, and below system requirements you'll see 'additional video requirements' which are the same as the specs you described. iTunes is becoming increasingly more processor intensive :(


as for the tv, you have to set the video source yourself. this is fairly simple on most hd TVs but its different for each brand. refer to the manufacturer to get that information.


hope this helps!

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