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Microsoft® Windows Media® player v9 DRM

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My local public library offers digital audio books. The catch is the MP3 files are DRM'd in Microsoft® Windows Media® player v9 format and can't be played on an iPod or the dreaded Zune. Great service- audio books for 20% of the community.


Does anyone know of any tools for stripping out the DRM from Microsoft® Windows Media® player v9 MP3 files?



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If they are mp3's then they are not DRM. They are most likely .wma files, which cannot be played on a mac. unless you run parallels or boot camp, or just use a windows box, you are out of luck. my local library district does the same thing.


i always found it strange that people put DRM on things that you can get for free at the library... seriously, it's not like anyone can just download another "free" DRM'ed copy of an audiobook.

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FairUse4WM might be able to strip the DRM from them (only works on windows, and only on files that you can actually play on the computer, ie ones you have the license for)


Other then that, assuming you can play them and for some reason FairUse4WM doesnt work, theres always the analog hole. Hook audio out to line-in port, record with audacity or something.

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