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Video TS in Front Row

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I am interested in importing some of my DVD's to my computer (thanks to all the extra room I'll have with Time Capsule). Anyway, it seems as though I am doing something wrong because whenever I open up Front Row and navigate to my Movies > Movies Folder I can see the folder I created. When I click on that folder it says "Loading DVD" then it says "The DVD Cannot be Played." Am I doing something wrong? When I first put the DVD into my computer I simply opened the finder and then dragged that contents [Video TS, Audio TS, Jacket P] and drag them into a folder I created, then moved into the Movies folder.


I'd love to get some thoughts from you guys.

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What I do is rip them with MacTheRipper or some such and then convert them into a playable format using VisualHub.

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When you drag the folder from the DVD, the OS doesn't copy the invisible or protected files. It's a bit like trying to copy the system folder by a drag, you just don't get everything.


Like Huskermn, I recommend MacTheRipper, but you shouldn't need anything else. The Mac's DVD player, and the new version of Front Row, can play Video TS files created from MTR. BTW, MTR is freeware.



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