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Leopard Dropping WiFi?

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Daniel, in your network prefs is your location/profile set to "automatic"? I have a mini (still on Tiger) video server on a purely wirless connection, and the wifi connection drops on sleep as it is supposed to - the card powers down with everything else. But, on wake-up it always seamlessly reconnects in a few seconds to the network defined in my "automatic" location.


If you wake up in your non-default location then I would expect to have to reconnect manually. As I said, I'm still on Tiger so not sure how this maps to the Leopard interface.




in my case changing the broadcast channel resulted in a minimal change. it made a difference with connection speed. i have still never been able to resolve having to reconnect wi-fi every time my machine sleeps. my quick work around is to turn the airport card off, then back on. sometimes it takes a few times and some time i have to log out and log back in for wi-fi to reconnect.


extremely frustrating.

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Upfront deets:


MacBook Pro 17" 2.5 Ghz

Airport Express Base Station with AirTunes (M9470LL/A)

puchaesd Feb 29, 2008 from Apple Online

Random Wi-Fi drop outs, sometimes unable to reconnect without shutting down the power book and waiting.



Hi everyone - I recently helped a friend buy and set up a 17-inch MacBook pro and everything has gone well except for this frustrating wi-fi drop out issue.


We've got her set up about 10 feet away from an Airport Express router also purchased at the same time from Apple Online at the end of February.


I asked her to monitor when the drops outs are occurring but they seem random, not just when the computer goes to sleep. She complains that the net will drop out while she's surfing. She doesn't move the laptop anywhere, so it's strange to hear that the signal bars (which I hear now measure data rate and not signal strength - is that true?)


Sometimes she is able to reconnect (I had to show her how to manually join her closed network again via the Airport menu bar) but she says that sometimes she has to completely shut down one or twice or wait for half an hour before the net will come back again.


I'm fairly certain it isn't the AEX router, as she doesn't have to unplug or restart it, only the MacBook Pro itself or Leopard specifically on the MacBook Pro.


I've switched the router to only operate on g vs b/g - and that hasn't done anything to curb the problem. My next step is to try setting the channel to 1, 6 or 11, as some have suggested, but I'm curious if there are any more solutions.


I may try switching the router for her, just to see if I can eliminate the possibility it could be that, but my gut tells me it's something to do with 10.5.2 update.


It's really embarrassing for me to constantly glorify the Mac and have my poor switcher friend deal with something so frustrating!

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As has been said before in this thread, the number 1 cause of network dropouts is congestion. Use a network scanning utility and move to a channel that isn't being used if possible.

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To add my voice to the crowd....I got around to upgrading to Lepoard the other day on my wireless mini and wired G4MDD. I did the upgrade install on the mini, it completed successfully and connected to my WEP G gigabit Airport Extreme network flawlessly. I use it as a video server and regularly move large files around and this has become a nightmare. I now have about a 10% chance of successfully completing a 300mb file transfer as the wi-fi routinely drops out. I've watched this happen - the airport icon in the menu bar will change from full strength one second to "scanning...." the next. The network will come back, but any file transfer is toast.


I don't believe it is a channel/congestion problem - I have other wi-fi clients that perform well in my envoronment, and before Lepoard all was well.


I'm still getting used to Leopard so apologies if this is a stupid question, but where did Internet Connect go? I haven't found anyway of clearly seeing the signal strength - the menubar icon doesn't really cut it.



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