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Jan. software update for iPod Touch

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I bought the update 2 weeks ago and i have really been benefiting from it. I use the notes, maps, and webclips the most. For $20.00, this software bundal from Apple is really worth it. The software bundle in all has: notes, mail, stocks, weather, maps and webclips.


Now when i am out running around i can use maps as a pretty good GPS that will show me step by step instructions on getting to my destination.


Weather is also nice to have so you can see the temp. of your towns and other places like Honolulu. It will also show a forcast with the highs and lows and if its going to be sunny, cloudy, ect.


With stocks, i can bring up different companies and bookmark their stocks so i can see an up to date showing of the stocks.


In notes i can right down cool shops, things to do, ect. So it is really handy to have a note pad in your pocket!


In mail, i can easily check my e-mail account when i am on the go so i can keep up with friends and other stuff. :D


So if you have an iPod Touch without the software update, i highly recommend that you should get it. ;)

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