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Australia: iPod touch or iPhone

iPod touch or iPhone  

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I'm in Australia and can't decide whether to get an iPod touch or iPhone. I've seen a few iPhones around in the city but way more touches and classics of course. A few months ago I got a 4GB nano because my 20GB broke and I hate it I can fit nothing on it. Do many people feel that 8/16GB would be enough to store a few movies, podcasts and about 10 albums with room for documents and other back up stuff.


I know i'll have to unlock the phone and do all the hacks on it and I know how to do that, but are there any notable disadvantages of the iPhone when out of the US. Is it easy to maintain ie updates and re hacking which is the main reason i'm a bit worried about getting an iPhone because Apple could put out an update and totally brick my phone. My normal phone is nearly dead and i'd like to get a new one soon even if i get a touch i will probably get some nokia phone.


iPod touch - AU $374 for 8GB and AU $474 for 16GB

iPhone - around AU $450 for 8GB

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Well there's obviously the risk of it getting bricked. But in practise all you need to do is hold off updating for a few days (let the brave ones try it out!). I love my iPhone (but obviously all I loose when I update is the jailbreak. It's not unlocked so it can't be bricked).

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I don't have an iPhone or iPod touch myself but I use iPhones a lot. I think if your priority is space, playing movies and having room for songs and documents, then I would go with the iPod, but if you want a small iPod plus a phone, then an iPhone. Personally, I think the iPhone is very limiting and doesn't have all the features of many phones on the market, but I still love apple products and it looks wonderful and has a great interface. I think its worst feature is its phone and I've had problems using it, but the 3g ones are probably better.

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