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iTunes Error Codes

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TeacherBarb    0

Does anyone have a link to a site that will help explain what all of the error codes in iTunes mean?

The particular error code I'm concerned with today is -3260, but I'd appreciate knowing where to go to look them up.


Thanks for any help you can give.

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Graham    1

I can't find one on the apple site. I found many lists referring to OS9, but nothing for OS X. I have a couple of people I'll ask since I'd find this quite useful too.

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Ginamos    0

I'm not aware of a list, there may be one.


Normally I go to the Apple Support Forum and search by the error code. Searching for "3260 error code" brings up this description in this thread:


""The shared music library "<Music Library Name>" is not accessible for an unknown reason. (-3260)

Check that any firewall software running on either the shared computer or this computer has been set to allow communication on port <Port Number>"


As for finding a meaning (as in a solution), you just have to hope that the particular thread was resolved and that you can deduce what the meaning of the code was. This thread "itunes 7.2 for mac: error using shared mediaserver 3260" has a solution. As it's a network error, your solution could be different, depending on your network configuration. It's difficult to offer a precise answer as there are too many variables. Often by their very nature the error codes are quite generic.


If you have other specific error code numbers I'd suggest trying a similar search.

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joe28753    0

apple does list the error codes, but they seem to be split up on lots of pages. i found this site when googling: http://www.appleerrorcodes.com/

they seem to have most of them, but i'm not sure if they are just OS specific, or if it includes itunes/iphoto error codes too.

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