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iphone advice..

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i live in canada, and i got a 16GB touch for christmas, but my cell broke, and im just thinking of selling my touch, heading down to buffalo and buying an iphone. the 'upgrade' will only cose me about $150 which i think is pretty reasonable.

i know how to unlock it so i dont have to pay like $200 to unlock it. (unlocking charges for iphone are bull its so simple). i just did my friends the other day.

SO i guess my question would be that im a bit sketch on buying one now cause theres bound to be a second gen. coming out soon. so should i just wait? apparently in the next couple weeks apple is supposed to be making a new announcement, its most likely to be the SDK, and maybe a new iphone model.



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It depends on which rumors you believe.


The main rumor (which shouldn't be a rumor because Apple has said they're going to do this) is the SDK.


The other rumor is a 3G iPhone. Since they just upgraded the memory in the iPhone, I think the latter is for the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year. AT&t is currently beefing up their 3G network and they also just stole the Starbucks account from T-Mobile. IMHO, Apple wants a bigger, better 3G network available before rolling out a3G iPhone.


Since I think that, it's likely Apple will bring out a 3G iPhone with the SDK because my prognostication record is crap.

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I think that the next iPhone will be out in June 09 since this is roughly when the US and UK iPhone contracts are up. Just my personal opinion though. I will probably be proved wrong though, since it seems quite a while to me.

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