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Terry Vogelaar

How to insert a voice-change?

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I would have sworn that it is possible to force the text-to-speech voice to change. I found all kinds of things to insert between [[ and ]] to change the pitch, speak phonemes, you name it. But I couldn't find how to insert a control to change from Victoria to Alex and back. Or to make it more useful, to change from an English voice to a synthetic voice meant for another language, when the document contains multiple languages.


So I'm not talking about changing the voice in System prefs. I have to insert an inline command. I vaguely remember that I used it in the past, so I am quite certain it exists. But what is it? Any clues?

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I'm not sure this is really helpful for your situation. But you could always do this in Script Editor and just make an Applescript.


Try pasting this in:

say "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy brown dog." using "Alex"

say "Then he ran all the way home." using "Victoria"

say "But the fox got lost." using "Alex"

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say -v Victoria "my name is victoria";

say -v Alex "my name is alex"


[in Terminal.app]


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