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I combined two things, using a tip on 43 Folders and on MacWorld.


I downloaded and installed Backdrop, made a safety copy (named it Backdrop-org), and went into the package contents of Backdrop (right click on Backdrop, and select Show Package Contents). I located the Info.plist file, and added a child to the root, as describe in the MacWorld article. Next, I put Backdrop on my Dock, and ran it. In the Preferences, I chose a dark gray background (like in Lightroom), and to hide the icons on the desktop.


See what happens to my desktop in this animation, if I run Backdrop:



The entire background goes dark gray (the desktop icons, menubar and Dock disappear). Every time you click on an application (in the example Firefox), it comes to the front (with a menubar and Dock visible, of course). Every time you click on Backdrop, it comes to the front, and makes your screen turn dark grey. This way you hide the clutter of several applications that are open on the desktop, so you can concentrate on the applications you bring to the front.


It is somewhat like Spaces, but without the distractive eye-candy. And the best thing is that it also works in earlier versions of Mac OS X.


Cheers and safe computing.

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