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PC server "letter/name" mappings

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My office uses PC servers and the drives are given letter designations, ie. "L drive"; "P drive", etc. However they also have names such as Truman, Polk, (president names). All the PC users see the letter designations and provide file paths using these letters, however I cannot see the letter designations – only the names. Is there a setting I can adjust so that I see the entire folder hierarchy? I'm using Leopard.

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They are mapping the drives, which is a way for Windows to treat a network share as a local disk. Mainly used for having quick access to a network share so you dont have to trudge through the network neighborhood. Its dependent on what its mapped as and could be different on any one computer (in a environment with a server, it may be mapped automatically by logon scripts though, so not different in those cases).

The drive letters are local to the Windows computer, and not dependent on the share or the server, and arent really necessary on the Mac.

You could however make an alias to the share and name it whatever you like and give it your own letter.

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