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iPod touch abilities?

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Hey MacGeeks!

can anyone help me out, trying to learn if all there is to iPod touch is just music...

Can iPod Touch:

a) read .pdf

B) save .html files (say, import from my iBook or save from Touch-Safari in read/view on iTouch?)

c) sync with iBook via WiFi, not just USB?

d) use iTouch as ordinary ext-HDD/USB-flashdrive

e) could i use iTouch as digital-media backup for my iBook &iBook apps. Say, to save space on iBook, get 32 Gb iTouch, have all multimedia on it and then use it in apps like Keynote, QuickTime, iDVD ...


and finally, for all of U already-users: how do U like using iPod touch. Great, average, bellow-expects...


THX, gregor, Slovenia

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a ) Yes. (as long as they're online or attached to an email by default. Can do other things if you jailbreak - see below)

b ) Not without jailbreaking.

c ) No.

d ) Yes, if you jailbreak.

e ) Yes, if you jailbreak.


Jailbreaking is easy (download the app and click the appropriate button), but it does void your warrantee. You can however restore it in iTunes and the jailbreak goes away and apple is none the wiser.


Whilst I have an iPhone rather than an iPod touch, I love it. I don't use any of my other iPods now (apart from the nano with the nike+ sports kit).

Edited by Graham

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And b,c,d,& e functionality might well be possible after iPhone apps are offered after the 2.0 update is released in June.

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