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iTunes in Leopard Crashes the whole computer

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I've been updating my album art and lyrics lately 6,000 songs about 1,000 albums and after I update 4-5 songs and or albums with correct artwork and lyrics, I'll get a complete system freeze. Mouse still moves but it's showing the spinning wheel of death, can't get to force quit or anything else, Doesn't come back, have to hold the start button in and restart.


MacBook Pro 15", Year old, Leopard OS, 10.5.2.


My process is I use cover flow to browse the songs, I see something I then hit Dash Board and I Use the Sing that Tune 3.1.7, Canto Pod to find lyrics and album art if Itunes can't find it. I also use Safari to google the songs and albums to find the proper names and songs, I'll copy yhr album art and paste into iTunes, if the wrong size I use Preview to size it and cut off white space and such. At some point it will freeze up and I have to do a reboot.


I've repaired the permissions, check disk, Disk Warriored checked the programs for updates etc....So far it hasn't caused any loss of data that I can see but I do not want my precious VAST library damaged.





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I'm afraid I can't offer much help as I still haven't moved to Leopard, but if it were me, I'd backup your Library fairly frequently to avoid losing things in the process.

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Hi, This could be a few things and a corrupt iTunes library could be one, however I would first disable Sing that Tune 3.1.7 and anything else thats plugging into iTunes as it may be contributing to your woes?


Just a thought, I have my iTunes library on an external hard drive and I back it up at least once a month ;-)

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