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Ken B

802.11n USB dongle recommendations

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My existing Dlink 11g wireless router is starting to crap out on me (sporadic signal degradation/loss) so I'm thinking of taking this opportunity to upgrade to N. I use a core duo mini as a media server which has to connect wirelessly due to location so a USB dongle would seem to be the way to go.


I've found 2 so far; the nNano from quickertek and the "11n USB stick" from macwireless. Does anyone have any experience with these or an alternate suggestion?


I haven't made up my mind yet on the router/basestation - leaning towards Netgear RangeMax based on recommendations from other folks, and shying away from AirportExtreme due to cost. All my other wireless clients are (unfortunately) windoze boxes so not much motivation to stick with Apple. So, any comments on compatibility of the USB dongle's with non-apple kit would also be appreciated.





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Don't buy a Netgear product. They are okay for PC's but they will not support their products at all if you own a mac. If you email them because of a defect with their product and tell them you have a mac they will not support their product. I have had very good luck with Belkin and depending on what you need out of your base station a Airport Express might be a good solution for the base station.

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