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Help J.C. Hutchins (Mac Geek) Make Podcast History!

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Hey fellow Mac Geeks! J.C. Hutchins here.


I'm launching another "first-ever" in podcast fiction, and I need YOUR help.


As some of you know, I'm a sci-fi novelist who releases his work as free serialized audio podcasts. My work has been covered in The New York Times, Blogger & Podcaster Magazine, and coming this Sunday, The Washington Post. My work has has been so successful that my novel, "7th Son" (a technothriller about human cloning), will be published by St. Martin's Press next year. I'm also currently writing the debut novel in a new supernatural thriller series, also to be released by St. Martin's in 2009.


My next audiofiction project is called "7th Son: OBSIDIAN," which will be released in late May. OBSIDIAN is a short story anthology that chronicles a fictitious two-week nationwide blackout in the United States. I've recruited A-List podcast novelists to contribute stories, including bestselling sci-fi authors Michael A. Stackpole and Scott Sigler. Here's a link to my announcement: http://tinyurl.com/2a78xs


OBSIDIAN has already received attention from BoingBoing ( http://tinyurl.com/yscve9 ) and Gawker Media sci-fi blog io9.com ( http://tinyurl.com/3pdg6y ), thanks to a groundbreaking "audience participation" element I've added to the experience. I'm opening the anthology to anyone who wants to participate. This open invitation is a first-ever in podcast fiction, and something unheard of in traditional media.


I'm asking YOU to "play along" and record video and audio as if you were a victim of the chaotic OBSIDIAN blackout. The conceit: The blackout is real, and happening now. This content will appear in the OBSIDIAN podcast, in May. I'm already receiving audio and video content from my audience:


"Reports from the field" audio:

http://jchutchins.net/audio/BBCreport.mp3 (a fictitious BBC report)

http://jchutchins.net/audio/norwegiannews.mp3 (a fictitious Norwegian news report)


"Calls from victims" audio:





The home-brewed videos I'm already received -- more than 30 so far -- are also filmed as if the blackout is "real." Poignant and frightening, these videos will be released into the wild to showcase their work and promote the release of OBSIDIAN. Here's a sneak peek selection of them already online. You can find them here:




I've posted a call to action at my site with all the details, for anyone who wants to participate in this groundbreaking event:




Folks, I'm leveraging the power of social media and community to encourage YOU to play "make believe" and contribute to a first-ever experiment in sci-fi fiction and podcasting. It's crowdsourcing with a creative purpose, combining the best elements of social media and storytelling.


So. Wanna be a part of history? Visit http://tinyurl.com/4kgnna for all the deets. Thanks!

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