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Wireless Network / iStumbler

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I recently moved into a new flat and was a sent a wireless router with my new broadband subscription (02 in the UK). Becasue the router was a kind of airport extreme rip off it looks pretty good so I thought I was use it in place of my older router.


So anyway, I wanted a WPA secured network rather than the pre-setup WEP encrypted network. Everything was working fine on my two housemates MacBooks but on my Powerbook I was getting a very flaky and slow wireless connection if any...even if the airport status showed a full strength signal. If I ran a wire into the router then I had no problems so I knew it was an airport issue. Because I live in a flat there are loads of other wireless networks near by and so I since I set up the network I had iStumbler open to check what channels other people were running on so I could pick a channel in between. Anyway after bit of fiddling with the router settings with no luck ...I quit iStumbler and low and behold, my airport starts acting normally again and I have no problems...


now my questions is, is it really possible the iStumbler was conflicting with my airport? Has anyone had a similar thing?


One note is that when I had I iStumbler open my network would keep showing up and list the right channel (4) and then it would show 0 in the channel column and then go back to 4 again. This seems a bit odd?





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