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Accessing my home Mac from my PC at work

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I want to access my home Mac (G4 running 10.4 Tiger) from my work PC (running XP Pro SP2). What's the easiest way to do this?


I can't upgrade to Leopard just yet, but maybe later this summer. Does Tiger have a built in VNC server or is there a good third party one I can use? And what do I use on the PC end?


I need to be able to access my files and copy them to the PC. But I also need to occasionally do things like forward an email to myself so I would need full Remote Desktop like control to do something like that.


I'm totally new at this type of thing. Can anyone help? Cheap is good. Free is better.




- Tom

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If you have a good amount of experience with networking, port forwarding, and the like, you can route VNC through your router to your Mac (if you're using a router, which is highly advisable.) I'll leave it to the experts to explain how to do this, though, since I myself haven't had much luck with it. I think one of the recent MacCasts covered this. (Edit: It's show 222, April 8. It's actually about accessing a PC from a Mac, but the general concept with VNC is the same.)

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Check out the VNC software suggestions on page 2 of this part of the forum. I got this to work from mac to mac (PC to mac would be similar), but the process is not easy. The port forwarding is a pain in the arce.

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