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What I want in the next IPODS

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I have found a problem with every MP3 out there. But I have found one that I kind of like but still not that great




Kind of a price hike for 512megs for $250.00 dollars


I would like to see IPODS one have belt clips. Just like old walkmans back in the day. I sound not have to pay for some stupid add on that’s made out of crap.


I want an AM/FM radio that's right I said AM radio LOL. Reason allot of sports are on AM


I want to be able to replace the battery by my self. And the hard drive but that might be a pipe dream.


I want my MP3 player to have satellite radio.


I want my MP3 player to be able to record radio shows like a Tivo.


RadioYourWay™ LX problem is that it only has 512megs you can add a SD card of 1gig add one. If Apple made a MP3 player with AM/FM radio replace battery on the fly and let your Ipod record Radios for a later time. You would have the best MP3 player in the world


MP3 sound not be all targeted to music fans. They should be targeted to people that want to listen on the go. For me I like music audio books old time radio shows and BBC radio shows from http://www.bigfinish.com/ they have allot of DR.WHO stuff am not a fan of DR.WHO. I want a Sports so AM is a must have.

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