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How can I recover the ink cartridge of my plotter?

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HI all


I have a plotter Canon W6200 that sometimes force me to substitute the maintenance cartridge.


THis cartridge collect the ink that is expelled during print head cleanliness.


Seeing that it happens a few to often, one times every two months, i was arguing if there was a wy to recover this cartridge without changing it, perhaps emptying it or resetting its chip.


Has someone of you experience at regard or different purchase options?


Thank you




You have never see gift ideas like these! (idee regalo on italian)

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I can't speak to this printer or this situation in particular but I can tell you that it is generally a bad idea to mess with the cartridges on printers. It almost always results in lower print quality and/or clogged heads. You gotta just grin and bear the crazy stupid ink prices.

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I'm surprised that people complain about gas prices so much (as they should...) but blatantly buy colored liquid at outrageous prices with no protest...

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