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setting up westell 6100 modem for Back to my Mac

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I am unable to configure "Back to my Mac." I am using Bellsouth DSL which requires a Westin 6100 modem. My dsl goes to the modem then to Airport Extreme which I have to set in bridge mode. "Back to my Mac" alertss me that I need NAT or PPnP on my router.

I don't know how to configure the Westin modem to either set it up for PPnP or better yet turn it into bridge mode and use the NAT feature on my Airport Extreme. Anyone have any experience with this modem and getting "Back to my Mac" working? Thanks in advance.

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i'm not sure why you have the airport extreme in bridge mode. try setting the extreme to "share a public ip address". you can enable NAT in the airport utility under the internet option, then click the NAT tab. check the box to enable NAT port mapping protocol


quick edit: oh i see, your modem is also a router, i'm looking for more information now


edit: i believe the first part of this guide should be relevant.

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