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Syncing Keynote files

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My syncing program "File Synchronization" program checks the contents of my flashdrive with the backup folder on my hard-drive. Obviously, it's job is to only sync those things that have changed.


However, I've noticed that it doesn't always handle Keynote files the way I think it should.


Let's say that I have a Keynote file on my hard drive (in the Flashdrive's backup folder) and an identical copy on the flashdrive itself. If I open the Keynote and without changing anything hit "Save", the version on the Flashdrive now has a newer saved date.


I've discovered the Keynote files are saved as "packages". I've manually compared the contents of the hard-drive version of the KN file/package to the contents of the flashdrive version of the KN file/package. Every single item (over 500 of them) is absolutely identical--name, size, modification date, etc. Therefore, there is no need for the synchronization program to have to copy every single item of the package over to the other location.


However, even though the contents of the package are identical, the package/box itself has a new modification time, so it thinks that the entire thing needs backed up again.


I would think that if all of the contents of the two files/package are identical (since no changes were made other than pressing the save button), that the File Synchronization program should NOT force the synchronization process to copy every item over to replace the identical contents.


I hope that this makes sense--and I know that I repeated myself by saying the same thing in several different ways, but I want to make sure all aspects of the situation are explained in detail.


If anyone has a work-around for this, I would love to hear it. Or if it's just this particular program's wacky way of synchronizing, please let me know of another program that would attack this situation differently.

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Well firstly I'd suggest not saving things if you've not changed anything ;)


I believe Chronosync handles files in a slightly more intelligent way, but if the modified date is changed, I'd expect it to behave the same way. Most of these apps work by comparing the modified date first, and then by comparing the file size. But even if the file sizes are the same, you might have changed it (for example, by deleting an "a" character and replacing it with a "b" character - the file size would be identical).


So, stop saving it if you've not changed anything basically.

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