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iPhoto migration from older Mac running Tiger to Leopard

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Ive just got a new Mac 2.8 8 core and want to migrate all of my photos from my old G4 running Tiger into my new machine running Leopard. Looking in the iPhoto Library folder in my home directory on the G4 it shows many folders including some from previous years (2001,2002, etc.) before the way iPhoto worked and became a single file. On my new machine the iPhoto library folder has only one file, the "iPhoto Library" file, the G4 does not have this so obviously it is not as easy as copying the file from my old computer to the new one. What is the best way to get all of my photos from the old machine into the new one without losing anything?





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I always use the Migration Assistant when moving from old to new.

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Just don't use the Migration Assistant to copy applications from PowerPC to Intel - unless you know exactly what you're doing, you can get a whole bunch of problems doing that.

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I encountered this exact same problem, and the answer is simpler than you think :D


Just copy all the iphoto library files from the tiger mac to the leopard mac, putting it in the photos folder in the same place as the new library file


Next, open iPhoto, but while holding down the option key. This will bring up a box that allows you to create a new photo library, or choose an existing one. Choose the existing option, and navigate to the photo library directory you copied from the tiger mac.


Then iPhoto will warn you that it is upgrading the library to the new version, and it will be done..


Hope this helps



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