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Calling Font Fanatics

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OK, I love fonts. I love having them, I love using them. Identifying what a font is on like a sign, poster, brochure, object, w/e is kinda what I do when I'm bored. However, I came across this text and can't tell what font it is set in. Does anyone know what this is in?




This will bug me, since part of it is so similar to Helvetica. The "D", "E", "S", "I", "N", and "U" are almost dead on Helvetica letters, albeit somewhat weird in-between-regular-and-bold weight. It's just the "G" and "M" that are throwing me off. I don't recall any font that has all of the characteristics, I know it's not Helvetica, Akzidenz-Grotesk, Univers, or something like Futura.


I highly doubt it is a doubt it is a mix of different fonts. Because you could probably stimulate it quite well with Helvetica for mostly everything, Tahoma or Verdana for the "M", and maybe pass the "G" off as FF DIN.


Thanks for helping a person obsessed with fonts.

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