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powermac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors) PARTS

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I just got a broken powermac G4 from a friend. It turns out the only problem was the power supply, unfortunately, a new power supply costs $200 (cheap, I've seen some for up to $400). So I am selling all parts except RAM, HDD, and Case (I have an awesome idea for the case ;) ). The powermac was purchased sometime in 2004, with the lowest speed available (how would I go about finding out how fast it is?). It is the one with the mirrored drive doors on the front. I have the following (if there's something I left out that is a component in the powermac, please say something, I just pulled parts out of it):


  • Heat sink
  • combo drive w/ or w/o rack/housing
  • apple-supplied graphics card (where monitors are plugged in, DVI)
  • front panel board w/ cable
  • internal speaker
  • 3 ATA cables (2 short, 1 long)
  • 2 HDD racks/holders (2 drives per rack/holder)
  • 2 small fans


I got the logic board off, but it's fried, oh well. The power supply is crap, that's the broken part.


If you have any questions, like part #'s or something, post them here, or contact me directly.


If you are interested, or have questions, email me at will15@jwireland.com


pics will be up soon, at http://will.jwireland.com/powermac

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All Apple computers have a sticker or imprint on it that shows it's shipping setup. Usually it's on the back around the ports.



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A power supply for 200? what? Im sure I can find one cheaper if you had the computer and the logic board wasnt dead.

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