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Things Work differently in Spain

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I was just in a Telfonica - Movistar store and I was asking about the price of the iPhone and the cost per month. You know what !!


:blink:IT IS A SECRET !


We might not even have the iPhone on Friday I was told. Can you believe it - they are probably so scared of the reaction that they might get from the rip off deal they will offer here in Spain they don't want to tell us. Maybe lessons have been learned from the reactions of the peoples of Sweden and Canada, or perhaps they really do do things differently here in Spain??


If Telefonica want to sell a few iPhones on Friday it would be great to know what the offer was in terms of price and the monthly cost. Are they really expecting people to go in blind and just buy without having a notion of what it is going to cost. Makes me think that they just don't know how to do business properly in Spain. I see from the tweets of my buddies that most places you can pre order an iPhone


Can't even buy the phone from the Apple Web site has to be from a Telefonica/Movistar shop

I will try to go in again on Friday but my work hours might get in the way.


BTW - What actually is visual voice mail?

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You know how normal voicemail works (call your number, and you have to listen to each message one by one, press whatever key to delete it, press whatever key to replay it etc etc), well this works like email or sms does.


You're presented with a list of messages, you can tap on whatever one you want to listen to, use the scrubber to skip ahead in the really long voicemails. It's really cool once you've used it a bit.

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Not as bad As I thought it was going to be but I can get an iPhone for from Free to 299€ depending on the combination of data plan and call plans.


I could get an iPhone for 0€ if I take the data plus plan at 25€ per month . Thats too costly for me because you have to take the 60€ per month for the calls too so it costs in total 85€ per month minimum.


To get an iPhone for 39€ I have to agree to 40€ a month for calls and 15€ for the data


Or - I could pay 149€ with minimum of 20€ for calls and the 15€ for the data


Or - 299€ for the phone and 9€ a month for calls with 15€ for data.


There other options within that depending when you are moving a contract to Movistar or upgrading from another contract.


What would suit me I can’t do. I would like to have 25€ a month of data and 9€ a month for calls


For my wife I would get more calls and less data which I could do OK - I think 20€ plus the 15€ of data work OK


I suppose in all it is not as bad as I imagined it would be given that it was all a big secret util the day of launch. I expected to have to pay 149€ for the phone and I can actually get it for 129€ with taking my number across from Vodafone.


Will have to do some serious thinking about this …

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They have no iPhones for sale and don't know when they will have them in. The rest of the world can buy an iPhone but not here in Spain.


The best the assistant could manage was some details of the price. It seems I can get one for 129 Euro if I get a 2 year contract paying at least 20€ per month on calls and 15€ on data.


Completely useless here in Spain with marketing and selling. They have a whole network of shops and can't get them in stock. She didn't know when they might have them available.


Totally disappointed with Telefonica.

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It was supposed the be available in 22 countries on the same day including Spain. But here we are more than a week later and no sign of the iPhone.


I called the Telefonica store this morning and they said another month to a month and a half. I asked if I could order one to get one sooner and the answer was a resounding NO!


Bad Apple and Bad Telefonica :angry:

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