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Rick Castle

Google Maps Locate WAY off!!!

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It may just be my particular phone but anyway... When I go into the Maps app and hit the locate button while I am outside the GPS in the iPhone is really accurate, right down to my driveway. This is expected because to use GPS you need a clear view of the sky. With the old software It was within a few blocks using the cell tower triangulation method. Now, when I hit the location button while inside my house it is WAY off, like 1000 miles or so. I thought that it defaulted back to the cell tower triangulation method like the Version 1.0 software used if it can't find the satellites? I live in upstate New York (Albany Area) and if I hit the locate button from inside my house it places me very accurately on Kathy Lane in Schaumberg, IL which is a suburb of Chicago!


Anyone else?????

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no my actual maps seem to work fine, but one of the apps i was using that used my "current location" said i was in seattle, but i'm in minneapolis.. not sure if that was just some default for the app that didnt get its value changed or if it somehow acquired the wrong position. i blame it on that app.


but yea thats weird, its expected to be a little bit off or maybe even a couple blocks or something, but 1000 miles off is not right. not sure what the problem is though.

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