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'Unknown error occured (6)' with Touch 2.0 upgrade

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I had no problem paying and downloading the software, iTunes had my iPod Touch backed up without any problem either. But it just wouldn't install the freaking software. I kept getting this error message "An unknown error occurred (6)". The 2.0 software would actually start installing, but the error 6 msg will pop up sometimes quite early, say about 1/3 done on the progress bar and sometimes 1/2 done. The most I got one time was about 3/5 done. What does this mean? I don't know. I lost count how many times I tried this and i am very frustrated.

This is what I found on the support page regarding what to do with an error 6 and many other errors (2, 6, 9, -18, -48, -50, 1002, 1011, 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604, 1608, 1609, 1611, 2003, 2004, -9808).




Anyone encountering the same problem, pls check out the support article and try going through the steps Apple suggested there, see if it will fix the problem cause I went through every single one of them (except using a windows machine) and none of them worked.


I have also posted this on Apple discussion as well. There are quite a few people responded to having the same issue.



Any suggestion would help...

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how much space do you have on your iPod touch? I would make sure that you have about 512MB just to make sure that there is enough buffer... I may be way off, but I know upgrades fail if there's not enough space...

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