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Iphone 2.0 = Bricked iPhone

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Bought an iPhone whilst in SF in March.

Apple had o problems taking my money.

Back to Kuwait and had it unlocked etc and been using it no problems with my local sim card.

Love my iPhone.

Or, at least i did!

Downloaded iPhone 2.0 after being prompted last week.

Result? My iPhone is TOTALLY useless; a brick; emergency calls only.

Why? Apple Why?

Why disable every feature, not just the phone?

Why do this to a loyal Apple customer when there is no "legitimate" way to use it in my country (Kuwait)?

I could understand if I were in the USA and they wanted to keep me an AT&T.

This is so pathetic.

My phone is bricked and any solution to roll-back to 1.4 or iTunes 7.5 has simply not worked.

Anyone else been fu*#ed-over in this way?

More importantly, any suggestions as to how I might go about getting my iPhone back to life?

~Ross (Kuwait)

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my first tip is this: whenever you hack/jailbreak/modify anything so that you can use it outside of that company's boundaries, especially from apple, DO NOT upgrade the software (especially with the download that the very company you were trying to get around gives you).


that said, the new 2.0 pwnage tool just came out, however it doesnt do unlocks yet. i'd say give it a week or so, and you'll be able to unlock the 2.0.

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I feel your pain, Ross, but this is the Apple way: "You do it our way or you don't." It is the dilemma of the double lock-in (or should I say "triple lock-in"), you can only both love and hate. This strategy works for now, but some day, Apple will lock themselves in, lose their edge and become just as mediocre as any other company. It is just a matter of time before this happens.


Nevertheless, I hope you'll find a workaround and can unlock your iPhone.

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