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Volume Control Trick - Lowest volume with quick(er) KB shortcut

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As many of you know, if you have an Apple keyboard, sometimes the volume controls aren't fine enough. For that, you can use Shift-Option-VolumeKeys to get finer adjustment. But especially with USB headsets, sometimes you find yourself constantly selecting the lowest volume level, and the 3-key combo is just too awkward. So what's the trick?


Turn the volume ALL THE WAY down to zero, then press the MUTE key. The cool thing is the volume level reached is LOWER than is possible with the 3-key combo.


Hope this helps some people!


Note: this may actually be a bug, so if it is, it may only work on certain versions of OS X (tested on 10.5.4).

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I didn't know about Option and Shift either - so thanks for all of that. I also noticed while playing around with this, that Volume and Option alone opens the Sound System Preferences - which is handy! Also, volume and Shift temporarily enables the "Play Feedback When Volume IS Changed" option, which is handy for setting the volume when no audio is playing.

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