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Sync audiobooks to phone

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Since Adam talked about Audiobook builder on the show, I have been putting lots of my audiobooks on the iphone. How can I sync only select audiobooks to the phone? I don't want to delete the older ones from iTunes, but I also don't want to carry them on my iPhone all the time. My Itunes settings have audiobooks as a check box under playlists... but I can't find a way to select certian titles. Any ideas?

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I've been syncing selected audiobooks to my iPods (and iPhone now) for years by basically managing them somewhat manually.


I have a couple smart playlists for Audiobooks. One has all where Kind contains audible. The other has Kind contains audible, Grouping does not contain Heard and Grouping does not contain Later. I use the Grouping tag, which I update manually to control what gets in my Audible for iPod playlist. If I leave it blank, the book (or book parts) get put in the playlist and if I've heard it or I want to save it for a later time, it's not in the playlist. Then, you can Sync Selected Playlists setting to control you Audible content. If you have non-Audible book content you may need to use the Genre tag instead of Kind.

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