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Sudden loss of all permissions in Mac OS X

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Currently running 2.4 Core 2 Duo iMac with 3GB ram, 500 GB HD and 10.5.4

I recently got a new iphone 3g


Starting today, randomly, I noticed that some of the files I was deleting in iTunes was not getting moved to the trash. I would delete an old podcast, video, or music file, iTunes would ask me if I wanted to move the file to the trash and I would tell it to move to the trash. The file would disappear from iTunes, but when I would check the trash, the file would not be there, rather it is left in the music folder where it had been the whole time. When I manually then tried to trash the files it asked for a user name and password. I thought this was strange, and even more strange when I was asked for a user name/password for just about everything.


I tried moving files from one folder to another, adding applications to the apps folder, moving items off my desktop, and moving files into the trash. Only a few instances within my home folder was I able to move files without getting the permissions prompt. I checked my permissions, and my user has all of the permissions as they always have had.


I was not running my user as an admin, so I thought that was the problem. Gave myself admin privileges, restarted computer. At first startup, everything seemed to be working fine. Tried everything as I said above and it worked great. Then about an hour later I was back to where I began, entering passwords for everything.


Does anyone have any insight into this? The only strange things I did today, were to remove some backups of some folders in Time Machine, and plug my iphone 3g in. Any ideas. Thanks

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try repairing permissions.


Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility. click on your main internal hard drive one the left of the window, make sure you have the "first aid" tab selected, then click "repair disk permissions."


you can also try doing this on your time machine drive, although that drive shouldnt affect your main drive's permissions.


quick question: when you removed some folders from the time machine backup, did you do this within the time machine interface or did you manually browse to them in the finder? if you browse to time machine backups manually in the finder and remove them, that will mess things up. but even so, it shouldnt affect the main drive's permissions.

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I tried repairing permissions and restarting again... this did not change anything. I looked a little more into it and discovered I had a permissions problem. A ton of my files had a strange permissions listing. Everyone was labeled as 'Custom' when I changed this to no access or read only I was able to delete the file and move it without any problems. Looking up some other topics I came across this topic:


To fix the problem I entered this into the terminal:

chmod -R -N ~

This reset my permissions in my home folder. It changed everything in my home folder to me 'Read and Write' and everyone 'No Access'

This seemed to do the trick. If I run into any other problems I will update it here

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