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Daniel D

'Missing' audio on iBook G4

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I hope someone might be able to help me with this.


The menu bar volume icon on my iBook has disappeared, leaving a blank space where it used to be.

Upon checking the Sound item in System Preferences I found that the 'Show volume in menu bar' option is checked, however both the Output and Input sections are displaying 'No output devices found', indeed, I am not getting any sound out of the laptop.


I should point out that this has been a constant problem since I did a full restore of the iBook from my Time Machine backup the other day. Although having said that, I did have this same problem a few weeks ago. On that occasion I simply restarted the iBook and the sound was fine again. However when I now shutdown and restart the iBook I still have no audio.


I've tried resetting the PMU just in case, but that made no difference.

Also ran the Apple Hardware Test and that was fine.


Does anyone have any ideas?

Is it possible i have a loose connection inside the iBook?

The only reason I ask is that I did recently have the airport module removed at a repair centre.

One thing I've noticed is that System Profiler is correctly displaying that I have built-in audio on the laptop.


Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!



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does the audio work when you plug in headphones or speakers? if that works as expected, then i would assume something is affecting just the internal speaker; its possible its unplugged, but i'm not sure why restarting the computer used to fix the problem, because that would mean it was a software problem. maybe it didnt actually fix it, but the cable inside wiggled back and forth and you mistakenly thought restarting fixed it? and another thing, i doubt that the guy taking out the airport card also unplugged the speaker: the airport card is right under the keyboard, and the speaker wire is one more layer below that. he wouldnt have to go that deep inside the computer.


if the headphones/speakers also dont work it could possibly be a sound driver issue which an archive and install might fix.


the worst case scenario is that that the built in sound card on the logic board is bad, which i would think is pretty unlikely because your system profiler shows you have the built in audio.

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Thanks for your suggestions. No, I'm not getting any sound from the headphone jack when i connect my external speakers or headphones. Also, when i use the volume control keys on the keyboard the overlay graphic that normally appears also displays a small symbol beneath the volume level which indicates that there is no audio system. Despite this, I know that the audio must be working to some degree because I always hear the startup chime through the iBook's speakers each time i reboot it. So at least I know the internal speakers are fine. Come to think of it, I suppose this proves that there are no problems with any connections inside the laptop too.


I think you could be right that it's some kind of problem with the audio driver. I had this problem once (a one-off incident) maybe 2 weeks ago, which a reboot cured. However since I wiped my hard drive and did a full restore from my Time Machine backup over the weekend, the problem has always been there.


I'll try a clean install of Leopard next and see if the problem persists.

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