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Stylus for the iPod touch

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Since the release of the 2.0 update for the touch I have actually started using it. As much as I love "thumb typing", I would like to be able to use a stylus with it. My brilliant idea of using the stylus in my Q-4 Space Pen didn't pan out. :angry: It is hard plastic, made for a PDA and won't do anything on the touch.


I also tried a pencil eraser, thinking it might want something a little fatter and softer, "finger like" if you will. No go.


I found this and ordered one. Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome.




This is my first post on this forum so I thought I might share with you what my Apple toys are.


*Mac Pro desktop with a 30" Cinema Display widescreen monitor. Simply beautiful. B)

*Macbook Pro 19" widescreen laptop

*32GB touch

*60GB 5th gen iPod Classic

*8GB 3rd gen iPod Nano



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Welcome to the forum.


I've heard about these on various podcasts but never a real review.


Could be you get to tell everybody else.

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Thanks for the welcome Huskermn.


Here is where I found out about this one.




I've seen another that has a clip that snaps on the back of an iphone or touch and holds the stylus.


I'll do a review when I get it.


BTW, I've only been a Mac convert :rolleyes: for about a year but still have to use a PC at work everyday. :angry:



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Well, I got the stylus from www.daydeal.com and I've played with it and another brand I found on Amazon for about two weeks. It's just a hollow metal tube with a soft rubber tip on the end. The tip is pretty flexible and has fair amount of "give" to it.


Bottom line, they work great for entering text or any other time you need to be somewhat precise in your hits.


Dragging and flicking works better with your finger.


I bought the stylus for my Touch but I just happened to pick up a nice 16gb black iPhone for myself yesterday. I went to an Apple store and while I was going through the process of getting the iPhone I talked to the boys that worked there about using a stylus on the Touch and/or iPhone.


They seemed kind of surprised that I was even thinking about doing such a thing. :angry: I told them that I like using a stylus and that it worked great on my Touch.


They assured me that it wouldn't work on the iPhone, the screen required "heat" from your finger to work. Wrong! The stylus works just fine on an iPhone, no different on the Touch.


Who's the "genius" now? ;)



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