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iTunes problem

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The top of iTunes is over the to menu line. I did nothing special it was just like that when I got back to my computer.

I've tried rebooting, re installing iTunes and drag it down, but it doesn't work.






Pleas help quick. (And something that won't make me lose all my songs)

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Oh, I found out what I did wrong. I exsedently hel down the comand button and moved it up. I manged to fix it just fine. :P


Sorry for the little panick over nothing. I feel a bit stupid. This is almost as bad as my dock "problem"

I had taken a screen shot and was experimenting whit backgrounds. I went back to what I thought was my original background, but is was the screen shot. I could just not understand why there was a dead dock behind the orginal dock. Luckily the "dead" dock had the calender icon showing and I realized what I had done that day. It took me two days to figure out though...


So thats my stories. (I'm sure I'l get more "problems" in the future)


Have you made silly mistakes like that?

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