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Automator Shut Down Workflow

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Every night before i go to bed i put in a DVD to rip so I can have in in Front Row. THe problem is My computer almost never turns off because I have to start using it in the morning. So what I want is a Automator Workflow that will shut my computer down at a certain time so it will get a rest.


I tried using the settings in System Preferences but a message keeps coming up saying that Hand Brake has stopped the shutdown process. So i need something to close the apps and shut it down.


This is probably really easybut I'm really new to Mac and even newer to Automator.


THank you.

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My guess is Handbrake isn't done doing it's thing when you tell it to shutdown.


Sorry, I don't have the Automator expertise to answer your question, but I almost never shut my machines down anyway. There are enough updates nowadays to just reboot occasionally.

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