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Macs /are/ nice aren't they? Well... yes... most of the time...

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My Mac mini arrived a few months ago, the generous result of my son's pity after watching me battle with and curse at my latest Linux distro. It was - is - petite, quiet, pretty and good for everything except shoot 'em ups. It has become the machine that I choose to work and laze at. My Windows box only comes on for games when I my earbuds hide the noise and the window has to let the heat out.


I don't get the dopey grin that some other Maccies get when they say 'It just works, man!' because, frankly, not always. What the adverts don't tell you is that it sometimes doesn't e.g. missing/broken/unsupported drivers... Mac mini owners also find out the deficiencies of their keyboard, mouse, VDU and printer sockets and how important a new USB hub suddenly becomes!


Now what was it about setting up my Canon laser that I wanted to know...?

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