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MacBook overheating after effect?

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Hi all,


While in Japan last week, I had my MacBook in target mode when I shut the top (absent-mindedly thinking the computer would go to sleep) and stuck it in my shoulder bag. About an hour or so later I pulled it out of my bag and found the computer to be quite hot, with all fans churning in a futile effort to cool it down.


While the computer seems to be operating just fine, ever since that time the CPU temp jumps from the low-30's (celcius) straight to the high-70's / low-80's in less than a minute, prompting the fans to kick on. This was never the case in the past. The fans would kick on only during intense use; now they power up right away, creating a lot of unwarranted noise.


Any idea why this might be happening, or what I could do to correct it? I reset the PRAM but to no avail.




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Problem solved (and so easy, too).


I went in to the Apple Store and the Genius helping me checked the Activity Monitor (in Utilities). Sure enough, there was a stuck print job that was hogging over 99% (!) of the CPU's attention. This was the cause of the immediate ramp-up in CPU heat and the subsequent running of the fans.


Such an easy problem, yet one that is largely invisible to the user. I'd never paid that much attention to Activity Monitor in the past but will certainly keep it in mind in the future. Hope this helps anyone else experiencing similar symptoms!



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Glad to see your problem was fixed! Yeah, I have to keep my eye on the Activity Monitor, too. Sometimes you can have some weird things going on that you have no idea about.


Apple Geek

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