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Itunes library confusion

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Has anyone had this problem/behavior and or know what to do next? I typically add ripped music to itunes (latest version) It it set to "keep organized" and also "copy to Itunes folder" My library is on an external drive. I just noticed that for the last month or so any new music I've added has been placed in a new folder for each artist in the itunes folder but OUTSIDE the itunes music folder. So along with my library xml files and the itunes music folder are 20 other artist folders. Now, Itunes works properly.. the tunes show in the proper playlists and on ipods/iphones. But it's throwing off 3rd party stuff I use that relies on everything being in the right place. (simplify media)


I know I could throw them into the itunes music folder and establish a new library. but I don't want to lose a gagillion playlists. Any ideas?


thanks much


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As long as iTunes is running, you can move files around in the Finder and you won't lose the links to your music. I do it all the time. So, make sure iTunes is open, then move one of those music folders into the iTunes Music folder. Now, just to make sure iTunes is registering this, try playing one of those songs. It should work. If it does, then move the rest of the folders.

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