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PC to Mac & vise versa Networking

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So here's my issue....

Previously running Tiger OS on my G4 & still running on my iBook. At that time PC had no problem locating either on the network. Since upgrading my G4 to Leopard only my iBook is able to see the G4. I THINK I've exhausted every possibility but obviously not cause it's still not working. I've messed with the networking configurations and such on the G4 and still no avail.


I've never connected the Mac to PC just cause I've never tried until now and I can't get it to work from either the iBook or the G4. It is very possible that there are some settings on the network that need to be changed in order for that to happen.


Without any real IT department here at work I'm pretty much SOL. This is where you all come in. Hopefully someone has had this problem or can walk me through some more things to try. I'm pretty certain that there could be some deeper issues with the G4 but I guess I'm not ready to give up on it yet seeing as my company isn't in the possition right now to go get a new system.


I would like to get the PC to see both the iBook and the G4, especially the G4, seeing as there is data that I email that could be on both systems. Right now all the information on the G4 I've got to transfer to the iBook and then I can get it from there to the PC. HUGE pain in the butt!


Any suggestions... PLEASE any suggestions... :(

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Okay so this is what I figured out... when I searched for my network on my pc like I did when the G4 had Tiger it showed up in the listing of connected computers. Now that it has Lepoard it's located in my Workgroup network connection on the PC. So now I can see the G4 on my PC but it says I don't have any rights to view anything on that network. Now I know it's all password protected but it doesn't ask for a login for that account.


Any thoughts on this?? :blink:

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