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Canon drivers missing! Can't Print

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I have been having this issue for awhile now. Ever since the 02/08 security update, my printers haven't worked the same. My all-in-one MP160 works fine now that I have installed CUPS, and Gutenprint, but my i960 photo printer is not so lucky. When I go to add it to my printer list, the driver for that printer is not listed. I have tried using drivers fro similar printers that are listed, but they do not work. I have even downloaded the driver from Canon's website, but it doesn't seem to install where it should because it is nowhere to be found in the driver list. I know i could probably upgrade my Powermac G4 to Leopard, but i don't feel that should have to when the printer worked fine before. This is unacceptable if you ask me. It seems like it is a ploy to get everyone to move to Leopard. Slowly discontinuing support for things, until you finally have no choice.


Anyway, sorry about the rant...


I just want to print photos again. Thanks Maccast-ers.

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