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Ron in KY

Copy and pasting from website stripping formatting?

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I am posting this here cause it's a question from a switcher:


And you have to have an imagination to picture what he is doing, he is essentially making cue sheets from web page material that he copies the whole page. He on windows used to paste it in an old version of netscape he said that had a text editor. he wants to be able to paste just the text, pretty much what Word offers in the (paste special, unformatted text) so none of the color or frames carry over, he then can freely go in and cut and move around paragraphs of information the order he wants add a title heading in a larger font in bold and insert a picture and save it out as a pdf or html to put on a CD with the MP3.


The problem is we're looking for an alternative to Word. we tried textedit and Bean. both do not offer the ability to paste special, unformatted text. This appears to be the biggest obstacle. we end up with white text on black background and the frames are coded in there and causes a editing nightmare for what he wants to end up being a normal 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper in plain text with one image on it.


Does anyone have a suggestion how he can do this task on OS X? maybe a better program that will strip any html coding from the clipboard? if I can get it in just black text unformatted I think Text Edit and Bean will do the rest...



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It might work to "View Source" in your browser and then Select All and Copy - Paste as Step 1.


Then, Step 2 would be to cut and paste the relevant text into another document that you could use to do the rest of what you want (I think).

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That leaves too much HTML code everywhere, but I will say that in Safari I played around I choose to save page as page source, then I think I brought it into text edit and I was able to copy the text blocks more easily and then I think I copied into a new textedit and choose default styles and that striped the color and font down for me. Im going to experiment with this to see if its consistent but may be an alternative.


Thanks for your option. the page my friend works with his heavily framed (costtocoastam.com)

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Doesn't Text Edit's Format>Make Plain Text menu choice clean things up?


Also, when I Copy text from the Opera browser ( http://www.opera.com/ ) and Paste into Text Edit, I get plain text in the default style. I dunno why. (Opera is my default browser.)

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