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I am really loving the tiger OS but there is one thing i don't like and that is the camera support. i have a cheep webcam that i got from a catalogue. i have plugged it into my mac mini and it carn't find it. what i am wondering is do i have to get a better/newer webcam or do i have to buy an iSight? i don't really wanna be spending £99 on a webcam that i might not use alot.


Also, will windows users be able to see my cam as normal or do they have to have a mac to be able to see it?

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The camera can also be any DV camcorder (firewire).If you do purchase an isight (which i have and love) then all you have to do is logon to aim via ichat... and your friend should be able to see you on aim on a WINBLOWS.. pretty simple, btw if you purchase isight also get iglasses




its only 5 USD and you get free upgrades for life....


Actually there is a way to use your usb webcam that i just thought of




try that its awesome and u can try a demo..... after that its only 10 USD....

10 $ compared to 150 on an isight

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