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Ron in KY

IAMP settings with AOL Mail

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Hi Guys,


I am configuring aol IMAP with mail application. My concern is what like check boxes are important that I want to make sure are marked or unchecked to make sure that Mail is just bringing up what's on the AOL server and working with it and not actually deleting it off the server. Reason being... He wants to have access to the same emails on other computers as well. But I think I may have did something in mail to make it actually do something more then I want it to cause he noticed he is seeing emails in mail that he is not seeing in AOL when he logs in on a windows machine. If someone could tell me what to check I can go in and have him make sure those particulars are set correctly.



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If you want to keep email on the server, you need to do POP rather than IMAP (and, I don't know if you can do POP with AOL).


That's why I don't do IMAP. I want to be able to access email on several machines without worrying about deleting it.


But, I have to admit that I just don't do IMAP so I could be wrong about how it works.

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