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I need help with Mail.app and RSS forwarding

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I want to forward all my RSS subscriptions to a blogger.com mail address, so that I can use the feed from my blogger account to show all my subscriptions in a side panel on my wordpress blog.


I've set up the blogger.com account so that the mail address I send from posts to the blogger.com blog, but when I set up a Rule in Mail.app to forward all RSS articles received to that same post mail address, Google mail returns them forwarded articles as undeliverable.


I know the post mail blog is working because I can post a regular text mail to it, even including attachments. But I can't seem to figure out how to strip everything but the content from the RSS articles, so that the formatting doesn't trip up the blogger.com e-mail to blog post software and bounce the forwarded articles back.


Is there a program or webapp which aggregates several RSS feeds into one RSS feed? Is there an Apple Script which will strip the RSS formatting from an RSS feed received in Mail.app, leaving only the article content, so that this can be forwarded to blogger?


Thanks in advance guys!


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