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audiobooks on ipod

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Hi Im hoping someone can help me solve this .if I play an audiobook thats numbered say 1 to 168 with file 1 of 168 then file 2 of 168 etc theres no problem ,but if i try 4 cds each containing 10 files each itunes and my ipod will play cd 1 file 1 ,cd 2 file 2 cd 3 file 3 etc .is there any way to change them all to files numbered 1 to 100 for instance ,is there anyone who can talk me through this? sorry if I haven't explained this properly


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I would guess that the problem is related to how you are sorting the playlist that contains the audi book's track, and (if you're sorting by title) how the tracks got named (presumaby set automagically by iTunes based on the CDDB.) I assume the tracks play in iTunes in the order they are listed in the playlist.


What is your playlist sorting option? (Which column title is hilited?)

What do the track names look like?


Example: (This list is sorted by track name):




(If Track # and Disc # aren't visible, you can add them to the playlist view with "View Options..." from the View menu.)

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I've had the same inconvenience. I have resorted to changing the title of all of my audio books. You may want to look at some scripting method. Check out Dougs Apple Scripts. He has some good scripts I used. If you find a better way let me know.

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