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ipod touch wifi connection problems

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I picked up a 32GB ipod touch from my local apple store and im having an issue which im hoping someone might be aware of. I've given the ipod its own static ip address, given it wpa access key and it connects to internet fine. But i start to have problems when i turn on the ipod from being switched off and i expect it to connect to the internet straight away but it doesn't. The wifi settings are showing the ipod is picking up my router with signal bars showing but there's no signal bars in the top left of the ipod and i get an error when i try loading a site in safari. Anybody else experience this problem? Is it a known issue? Any help would be appreciated.



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Yes, there are problems with the wifi in the new touch. I had to turn off WPA encryption on my router to get my new touch to work reliably on my home network. Also, I usually have to toggle the touch's wifi on and off a few times before it makes a connection to any network. I guess Apple used a different wifi chip in the new touch and they need to make some software updates to make it work properly. There's a very long thread about this on the Apple discussion forums.

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