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Ron in KY

Video out on iPhone 3G

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I just bought a third party video cable for iphone 3G, and when I received it it did not seem to work, the place I bought it says it works with 2.0 software but stopped working in 2.1, Why would this be?? Did they remove the ability to have video output to a TV? Maybe they thought people would just use that for their TV then buying the AppleTV? Im curious if anyone ran into this problem?

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I bought the Apple composite video out cable and it works great with my 2nd gen iPod touch running 2.1.1. I've heard that some of the third party video out cables are shakey at best, so I'm going to bet that's the problem. I know the Apple cables cost an arm and a leg, but in this case I think they're worth it. One nice thing about the Apple set is that it includes an external power adapter.

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