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So today at work my boss pitched to me that he wants to start a bunch of different podcasts and knew that I was very interested in them, so he has put me in charge as director of podcasts / production manager.


For my first order of business, I have to order a firewire sound board which i recommended to capture the channels independently, mics, and later on down the line a phone pbx to record phone calls. He wants to use windowz though so I will be using this on a PC going into Adobe Soundbooth. If it is FW, all channels will be captured separately right?


Since we will be hosting the podcasts in studio I want to use a 6 channel firewire mixer. Can anyone recommend a good board with 6 XLR inputs? I have spent a lot of time searching but am having trouble finding this. If possible I would like to stay under $1,000 USD because we will be ordering dedicated mics as well. If you can have any input on this that would be great. Thanks in advanced!!

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I have very limited experience with a FirePod (now called FireStudio). 8 channels and retails at around $400. We use it at church to record services with a PC and Adobe Audition.


By very limited experience I mean all I have ever done with it is plugged it in. It is plug-and-play with GarageBand.


I don't have any idea how it would rate on the quality/performance scale, just thought I'd throw it out there.



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